St. Stanislaus

Parish in Maple Grove, WI

St. Stanislaus of Hofa Park, Wisconsin, is a small, close-knit community of Catholic believers. Click Here to jump to mass times.

Old-Fashioned Church Picnic

The highlight of the year for St. Stanislaus Parish is our annual church picnic in June. Our Hofa Park Church Picnic begins with an outdoor Polka Mass at 10am and continues with live polka music, food, refreshments, raffles, games, and socializing until 4pm. It’s a good, old-fashioned church picnic that celebrates community and Catholic identity while raising funds for parish operations.

Located in Hofa Park 

St. Stanislaus, W1888 Hofa Park Dr. Seymour, is located in the Hofa Park community in the town of Maple Grove, Wisconsin, 7 miles west of the Village of Pulaski. Our parish is linked with Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish in Pulaski and St. Casimir Parish in Krakow. The three parishes have much in common, including our shared pastoral staff, Polish-American heritage, and Franciscan tradition. We participate in the social and spiritual opportunities at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Casimir. Together, we are three parishes and one family of God.

Founded by Polish Immigrants

The history of St. Stanislaus is linked to Hofa Park’s namesake, John J. Hof. Hof conceived of the idea to settle Polish immigrants in Northeast Wisconsin. Between 1877 and 1900, he helped over 1,000 Polish families settle in Hofa Park, Pulaski, Sobieski, Kosciuszko, and Krakow.  St. Stanislaus, Hofa Park, was the first church for Polish immigrants in the region. Hofa Park’s first log church was built in 1883 and was dedicated to St. Adalbert.  The first school was built in 1885 as a district school, not a parochial school. The church was destroyed in an 1886 fire that swept from Kewaunee through Brown, Shawano and Oconto counties.

Served by Franciscan Friars

On Dec. 2, 1888, a new church was dedicated, thanks to the generosity of Milwaukee and Chicago Polish Americans and relatives. Two Franciscan Friars arrived from Poland to serve the parish, and St. Stanislaus Church was born. On June 15, 1935, fire completely destroyed the church a second time – this time due to an electric light fixture. The current church was dedicated on Nov. 3, 1935.

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Janet Lasecki

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